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Order Management system

You need aCoobe order management system, if you want to:

aCoobe order management system is designed for companies selling standardised products or providing periodic services, e.g. delivering water to offices, replacing doormats, providing office cleaning services, delivering office supplies, ordering press, providing post services, car hiring, etc.


Functions of aCoobe order management system

 Easily register orders in the system. Orders may be registered by customers connected to the aCoobe system or by your customer service specialists (or partners). aCoobe team is ready to integrate the order management system with different third party systems (e.g. warehouse management system, accounting system, etc.) or websites.

 Customer service specialists can review the orders received and confirm or decline them. The confirmed orders may be assigned to responsible employees who receive pre-formed “order forms” or transferred to other systems for further processing (SMS messages, smartphone applications or any other information systems).

The order management system can be integrated with your accounting system (Microsoft Dynamics NAV, AX, Scala and others), establishing customer access rights. If customers have not paid fully for the services received, their right to place an order is limited. In case of a debt, the system may generate an automatic notification and notify the client of the debt by e-mail.

Customer service specialists and customers may track the order execution status. The system has the following standard statuses that may be supplemented with any other statuses you may need: new, confirmed, declined, important, executed, not executed. An important order has the priority right.

Orders may be exported into a Microsoft Excel format.

You can form periodic orders which are created automatically by the order frequency: weekly, monthly, in particular days of the week or month, any other frequency.

For your convenience, you can create order templates that will help to create the same orders by one click.

You can mark in the system working and non-working days as well as days related to specific locations where orders are executed or not executed. The schedule allows your customers to place orders, e.g., in a certain location only on certain days.

You can create customer and address cards. With the help of the data of these cards, you can manage customer access rights or block order execution addresses. This module is like a mini CRM system where customer data and history of orders (statistics) are stored. This information may be further analysed to make the right decisions.

You can create data cards for employees – system users and manage their access rights (some of them may create orders, others confirm orders, print order forms, etc).

You can create data cards for independent third party employees (e.g. telemarketing operators selling products or services on the phone and registering orders) and manage their access rights.

You can place information on products in the system, create service and product groups, set prices and quantities thereof, enter any other parameters.

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