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Help Desk System

Help-desk system must be not only effective, but also fun to work with for your employees and easy to use for your customers. Only then you will be able to use the increasing advantages of the help-desk system and even to boost the profitability, as some of our customers have. How? Thus, for instance, by issuing invoices for the whole work completed through exchanging data with the accounting system. Contact us and we will tell you more about this!

When installing the help-desk system, you must know how easily and efficiently to monitor and solve the most recurrent problems; how to create a database of personal answers to common problems; what to answer to possible complaints and how to monitor the performance efficiency of your colleagues working with the help-desk system.

The aim of aCoobe customer service system is to have an easy and convenient on-line registration of customers’ messages, complaints, faults, offers, tasks and any other information in real time, analyse their execution and provide a report for further analysis.


Functions of aCoobe Help-desk:

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