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Smartphone application development

Smartphones have turned our habits upside down since they were first introduced several years ago, by giving us the possibility to exchange information 24/7. The statistics reveals that approx. 60% of the smartphone users regularly connect to the Internet, thus capturing the attention of marketing specialists from all over the world.

According to the research, smartphone users usually look for information on the Internet, use e-mail, communicate and play games. More and more often businesses move their IT solutions to the “cloud”, thereby significantly increasing the importance of mobile tools for such solutions.

aCoobe specialists have created a number of smartphone applications, therefore we can help your business exploit mobile solutions as much as possible. Contact us for more information!


aCoobe and smartphone applications

aCoobe develops applications for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. We create applications for entertainment (games, entertainment commercial applications) as well as for optimising business processes (location-based services, solutions for collecting and processing orders, solutions for access to internal corporate data, etc.).


Smartphone applications developed by aCoobe

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