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Inside aCoobe code review

According to the wiki, we as a team are doing Group Critique Code Reviews. Lets put it simply...

Every Friday all the company developers gather all together and look at current week job. Usually there are 2-4 projects developed during the week. We choose projects we want to look at (with an exception of our own) and search for bad code samples: non-optimal, hard-to-read, buggy, already-written - you name it. After the hunting we discuss, point out mistakes and give advices to each other.

Probably every company does Code Reviews it in its own way. Being Group Critique Code Review means that it is fast, informal and fun. For the time being we noticed such pros:
  • Everyone knows what is happening in other teams.
  • Hardly noticeable bugs are found faster.
  • For serious problems every developer can suggest an answer.
  • We are forced to think what happens if another developer will take the same code, so we produce high quality code.
  • Optimization methods/tricks/productive programs spread faster.
  • Programmer as a professional “evolve” faster.
  • Yet again - its fun!

Why does this matter? It brings us here. Comments, tips and tricks from our Code Reviews will be posted here in our Tech Talk blog, spreading the word, spreading the technology.