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Live Help messenger

To provide your customers with direct feedback or quickly solve their problems, install a live help messenger in your website or e-shop.

With the aCoobe Live Help system, website users can ask operators or responsible employees questions and get answers in real time. The system is bi-directional – not only your customer may initiate conversations, but your sales manager can also track sites that are visited and start conversation with the potential customer in real time, thus increasing the conversion rate.

Functions of the aCoobe Live Help system:

A responsible employee sees sites that are visited by website users and their actions in real time. You can see visitors’ geolocation and the site they view.

Your employee or system operator may initiate conversation or directly offer their help or advice in relation to the site being viewed. The visitor may reply in the popup window.

To ensure quicker and more convenient customer service, create standardised reply templates. This will help operators minimise their working time, and visitors receive a reply without delay.

Personalised image informs visitors whether the operator is online or offline. If the operator is offline, the visitor may send a message to the e-mail indicated.

You can create a questionnaire to be given to visitors in advance. This important analytic information may be provided in various reports both graphically and with the possibility to export it into other programmes (CSV, XLS, XML, PDF).

All messaging windows, status icons and e-mail templates are customised to the individual company or website style (logotypes, colours, etc.).

The system is adapted to and translated into over 10 languages (including English, German, Spanish, French, Russian and others). The internationalised website can guide a visitor to operators speaking in the visitor’s language.

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