CRM systems

Data about customers are stored in different places, collecting them into one place therefore requires time, funds and knowledge. To ensure that the CRM system gives you the right result you will need a little bit more than the right technical solution.

Before creating a technical description of the CRM system, it is important to know which business processes you want to improve or automate. These business processes should be integrated into all IT systems used in the company.

aCoobe specialists analyse your company’s processes and portfolio you a CRM system subject to the desirable result. Our team works both with CRM systems integrated into business (ERP) systems and with different paid and free CRM systems such as Sugar CRM, Vtiger CRM, OpenERP, etc.

Even though a few years ago our customers preferred complex IT systems embracing various activities from finances to sales, recently stand-alone CRM solutions have been more popular when reducing risks and cutting costs. The aim is not to make a business entity use a cooperate system, but to integrate the available systems with the selected IT products or to use stand-alone solutions for the management of certain business areas.

Although companies consider a number of strategies how to integrate the new CRM system into the existing IT system, it is important to start in small steps. Integration is not the all or nothing dilemma. Companies should make a list of business objectives and implement them systematically rather than all at once.

aCoobe has implemented over 11 various projects on the integration of CRM systems into other corporate systems.

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